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Who is Nai Nicholls?

Naomi Nicholls began creating her first collection in 2022, inspired by her passion for handicrafts and as an artist with roots growing up on a Caribbean Island. Nai was born and raised in Dominica. She has grown her business as an independent and local designer for the last few years.

Dohara N Designs came to life from a literal dream which fueled Nai to create innovative yet comfortable beachwear that inspires vacationers, travelers & others to take on the mindset of being authentic in their expression and feel comfortable in their body every time they wear her designs. She then went on to share her goals with others who were willing to help this dream come to life, and created a small yet growing team. When designing, Nai makes detail orientation a priority, which allows her the ability to keep improving each collection year to year with a better look and feel while staying unique. 

At Dohara N Designs we keep you in mind while creating each design. 

We are creating more than just swim; we create innovative art that is meant to be worn by you.

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My Story



I was born on a warm, sunny day in August in the hospital in Goodwill, the Commonwealth of Dominica. I then lived in multiple villages on the island then settled in the village of Giraudel at the age of 11. I went to the Private Convent High School. I lived with my mom, Clara; my brothers, Nathan & Sherquan; and my sisters Nerrisa & Laveda. I am the first-born child of my mother and the second of my father’s children. That caused me to be very overprotective of my siblings when we were younger.

My sister Nerrisa for example was such a sweet kid and she would do anything for me, and I would fight with kids after school who tried bullying her, but like all brothers and sisters all my siblings and I fought like cats and dogs. Sometimes when no one was around, Nathan & Nerrisa would gang up on me and say and do mean things for no reason. I still love them as they are my brothers and sisters.

Laveda was still just an adorable baby who I enjoyed taking care of and Sherquan came 17 years later through foster care/adoption. My mom was a single parent who worked hard to take care of all of us while my father was in his village Calibishe doing the same. As they were not married, and separated when I was 3 years old, we visited our father during the summers in Calibishe which is the best part of my childhood.

Laveda came years after my parent’s relationship ended, which makes her my half-sister and sherquan was adopted because his mother, an old friend of my mom, couldn’t properly take care of him. Together we would all crack really funny jokes and enjoyed watching movies together.



Who I am in life.

My name is Naomi Nicholls. I started school when I was two years old. Then I went to kindergarten through grade 6 at Goodwill Primary School. Then I attended the private Convent High School, and there I studied various subjects up until 3rd form. In forms 4 and 5 I choose to study Information Technology and Physical Education as my main focus. After finishing high school, I attend the Dominica State College and Started studying Psychology. I already knew what I wanted to study in the college but they had no majors available for that field at the time I started. Eventually I decided to work instead. I worked at a call center for a few years then went back to study Law enforcement as soon as it became available. The goal then was to be a detective as I loved solving mysteries and helping others feel safe. While studying I also worked as a cashier.

When I was near completion of my studies, hurricane Maria passed on my home island and did a lot of damage. Right after the country started getting back on its feet, I decided to apply to the police force to ensure that continuing was the right step for me, but they informed me my physique was too petite for their roles. Disappointed I decided to apply to study business abroad, which I got accepted to do. I hoped that I would get a government scholarship to assist me with my studies, then covid-19 came about and put a stop to a lot of things in the country, including my application process. Just before the covid-19 and while waiting for a response on the scholarship application, I worked at a dive shop, scuba diving and doing water tours for a couple years, while also working on a new plan for my future career. There was a lot of ups and downs I had to face on my journey to my now chosen career path, but it was all worth it as I am now able to do what I love.

I decided to choose a career path that includes all of my intellectual capabilities, natural talents and acquired skills. At first, I thought architecture would be the best choice, then while experiencing the field and also learning the amount of time it took to get the license, I realized it was the designing that I am more interested in not the degree. Combining my desires with my natural talents and personality, I was thrown on the path of fashion designing instead. When I looked back after realizing this was the perfect choice, I became more aware of why everything that happened in my life so far had to happen.

Now I have started a unique fashion designing brand called Dohara N Designs that lives me feeling gratitude every single day. Fashion is an industry I've been around, in and influenced by since a very young age. I started off with modelling on the side of my studies and jobs, for upcoming fashion designers, photographers, boutiques and other business types in my country. With time I became more and more interested in the preparation that was put in behind the scenes to make intended marketing and fashion business possible. The designers and photographers were very inspiring and caused my desire to design and make clothing increase rapidly.

I started doing less modeling and more behind the scenes creative work with friends and acquaintances who were starting off. I shared my ideas with them, and seeing them come to life beautifully, made me want to do it for myself instead. So now I am using my intellectual capabilities, life experiences, natural talents and creativity to start off my own designer brand. I prefer beach wear as it relates to me, because I was born and raised on a Caribbean Island. Now the goal is to make it an international success, with the resilience and knowledge I have gained in my life so far.


What life means to me.

Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. I am pretty much on the happy side of life, but like all humans I do have my "days of." That means I do have some sad days or depressed days Sometimes it can be weeks, but they bring me knowledge that I could never learn just from a text book or university. I have made a few friends here that I can trust and look out for me. Even though I am working towards building an empire in the future, it would mean nothing without the people closest to me being by my side through it all, which includes my partner, future child/children and friends who have gained my trust throughout the years. Our favorite places to go are out to dinner, beaches, rivers and natural sites we can hike to or even camp out in. In my perception, we are all one and the same and I live by that thought, and I hope to continue doing so.

What's my outlook on the future.

In my future, after reaching specific career goals in my current business, I hope to open even more businesses. While doing so I plan to travel across the globe to visit and get to know more about various cultures, museums, philosophies, histories and sciences especially Quantum Physics. I also want to raise many children as I believe I have learnt a lot that can be passed down for the betterment of future generations and experience as much beauty as I can through art. Live a peaceful, fun and intellectually stimulating life with my family and close friends.

Updated: 08/24/2023


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

1 767 225-2090

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