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Imagine the alluring combination of colors, patterns, threads, and traditional symbols. The result is truly breathtaking, but what’s even more special are the talented people who create these pieces. Dohara N Designs was founded by Nai Nicholls and brings talented artisans together and promotes their sustainable products in order to keep their traditions alive through their handmade creations. We are a team of Artists and 

Visionaries, who started their way in 2022. Nai Nicholls started as a little project, creating things and providing services for friends and small markets. Dohara N Deisgns motto is to create unique, innovative, handmade and suitable pieces with a comfortable feel. We like to experiment with materials and new cutting. We want our customers to feel eccentric yet comfortable when wearing our designs in every situation. 

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To spread the power of authenticity


We hope to build an international brand that influences it's customers to express their authentic selves freely.

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Business Owner/Manager

My name is Nai Nicholls

Hi Stars, I am an Innovative Designer and Entrepreneur from the beautiful Caribbean Island, Dominica. I create the designs and assist in making the pieces. I am also the Founder & current Owner & Manager of Dohara N Designs. 

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